Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evil Hand Issues!

Monday was the day. I went in for open carpal tunnel surgery. I was in a panic. Not about the surgery, that was pretty routine. The panic comes from the idea of not being able to use my dominant hand for weeks.

I read. I keep house, as I can. I write. I game. I sew. I bead/make jewelry. I fuck. Everything I do needs that hand.

I have never had a cast, so this is another reason this is going to be a nightmare. I am sure I will bang it into everything, and I hate the idea of not being able to use my dominant hand. Turns out, it is a small, soft wrap and not that bad at all. It does sometimes itch like fire inside, though. Arg!

I am now back at my desk and am piecing together an article about the whole surgery et al, since I only found a few good resources. I am recovering well, and hope to avoid the ever present threat of flare while I heal.

And I need to be spiffy for a friend's wedding this weekend!

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