Friday, June 8, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hallo. It has been a while, but you and this blog have never been far from my mind. Unfortunately, all of my current drafts of pieces to share with you look like trash right now. I have been quite distracted. The kids have needed help. Minion One and I are both dealing with new diagnosis (and the same med for each of us!). Minion Two's birthday was last week! I have been sick (surprise!). It has been busy and disorganized here. Sigh.

This month the Husband and I will celebrate our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Woot! And we have been together twenty. Suck it, everyone that thought (and especially those that said) we would not last!

This year our poly family has been in our current configuration for ten years. More woot!

I almost have the silver hair I have wanted since junior high! After salons told me they could not do it, it could not happen. After a beautician that was a family friend said she could do it but never did. After all that, my bald Boyfriend amalgamated a bunch of instructions and anecdotes. We got the tools and the chemicals, the bleach (although they call it "lightener" now) and the wash. The process was long and hard to sit through. The Boyfriend was nervous. I was anxious. The wash took everywhere but where I needed the "lightener" the most. So one more sitting and I will have all silver hair. Down to my ass silver hair will be mine! Oh, yes, it will be mine...

So it looks like I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I am on a med I have to take before I eat, and other than some diet advice, I am kind of floundering. Thanks to a walking, talking personification of awesome on G+, I feel more capable of dealing with this. So thanks a bunch!

This lupus/fibro thing has been kicking my ass lately. I wasted through part of the winter and then put that weight plus ten pounds back on super quickly.

We are battening down the hatches for the end of the school year. I have put together a earned/pledged privilege system. And I am making plans to do more things with the Minions, rather than let the summer slip by without doing something sometimes. Movies, video games together, working in the yard, napping - I want together time before they are too busy for their 'rents, you know?

Toe shoes - they rock. I lucked into some, and I will be talking about them.

I will be talking about the games that I have played recently, all the political stuff going on and how it may change lives like mine and my family. There is so much going on and I want to share it with you.