Thursday, November 1, 2012

Every Day is Hallow... Aww, You Get It!

I love Halloween. Every day is Halloween! I have been a horror hound since I can remember. I fell asleep at the drive-in during An American Werewolf in London, and then had nightmares about the undead Nazi attack. 

(I know it is All Saints Day, but I was pretty sure that if I made two posts in one day that the fabric of my universe would fall apart... So enjoy this with your hangover. Or not, you be you.)

The annual ritual of walking to the VHS rental place for the best of what it had to offer around this time of year was always awesome. This was back when a single, new-ish release would run you about $80, so everybody rented. Only the Star Trek movies were important enough at my place to actually own. Everything else around the house was from the brand new bargain bins of tapes, where we could find the occasional old sci-fi treasure or a Roger Corman classic. The Terror with Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson - we had it. We also had Nicholson in Little Shop of Horrors, he was the dentist's "masochistic" patient. It was a bit part, but I am pretty sure the reason the movie lived on...

I remember the first time I watched Michael Jackson's Thriller, I watched it as a John Landis short, because there were almost no black people on MTV until then, 1983. The Landis/Jackson dispute over rights was finally settled this last August. Thriller is one of those amazing mixings of genres that elevates both to something new and different. Without Thriller, there is no Dragula

Wave hello to the grandfather of horror there at the end, Vincent Price!

For years, our mom made us dress as "hobos" (I know, I know) because our great-grandmother liked the costume. The Minions go-to costumes are, of course, vampires, because there is no shortage of white makeup and cheap velvet around here. 

You know what, I can come up with maybe twenty or so decent costumes that include, involve or even mimic disability. Sigh. 

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