Comment Policy

This is my first attempt at a comments policy, so if you have useful suggestions, please post them below.

While this may not need to be said, I will state it here: all decisions will be based on my perceptions and judgment.

Summary/TL;DR: Do not be an asshole.

  • Comments are moderated: at this time, all comments are moderated. I am new to writing a blog like this, with a focus on advice and social justice, so this is subject to change later. I will do my best to moderate comment queues as quickly as possible, depending on spoons.
  • Be polite: the world is rough and tumble enough as it is. This is meant to be a place for polite discourse. Feel free to question a person's ideas, but avoid personal attacks.
  • Intolerance: Isms will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to the following: able-ism, class-ism, racism, size-ism, sexism. Trans-phobia and homophobia will be not be allowed. While I have had an interest in social justice since I was a teen, I am relatively new to the language of the movement, and may occasionally make mistakes in both my post and in approving comments. It is okay to point out those mistakes, just know that I am doing my best and am always working to improve.
  • Trolling: No trolling. Yes, trolling will be defined by me.
So relax, speak your mind, share ideas and opinions -- all I ask is that we try to treat each other with some tolerance.

So, that seems to be a good start, although I expect to make additions, changes, and whatnot as time goes on.