Saturday, September 7, 2013

GimpyGamer: Do Not Be a Dickwolf

Dammit, #dickwolves, how I hate thee. How I would rather pluck out my own eyes with safety razors while listening to a dramatic reading of the StormFront forums by Ben Stein. But here you are again, in the eye of the Internet and crossing my path quite a lot. 

Should you be reading this, and know that you are, indeed, cursed with the fetid, putrid curse of  cranial lupen phallitis feel free to show yourself to the X mark on your window, or better: your browser and proceed about your other business of kicking the crippled and asking the homeless why they do not just "get a job, loser!?!" before spitting into said person's coin cup. Or whatever you do to feel good about yourself, I guess, when taunting rape survivors just does not cut it for you.

As you learn about this mess, one of the first things you will notice are the dates: this shitstorm started about three years ago.

So they are gone now, yes? Yes, surely the Internet Dickwolf (as we lay people call it) can read and follow simple directions. An cursory search can show you a lot of material on the matter, and here is a timeline of the whole thing. (It is in two parts because there is so much fuckery to be found.)   

Now, I had a lukewarm regard for Penny Arcade before this went down. They have made other jokes at the expense of minority populations, they even say so in some of the tripe they wrote in response to the outcry. Do not be fooled about how all of this is about a tasteless rape joke used to illustrate a flaw in the mechanics of certain MMORPGs, something that games like World of Warcraft (WoW) and Star Wars: the Old Public fix now by using phasing.