Friday, April 8, 2011

SmartAss Review: Pill Glide

Just recently I had to go pick up my prescriptions, and while I was waiting around, I saw this: Pill Glide. It was in my local CVS, available in strawberry and grape flavors. This company also produces FLAVORx Pediatric Flavoring – for making your kids’ prescription liquid medications more bearable. Pill Glide comes in a one ounce spray bottle, which advertises as being 200+ sprays (each use is two to four sprays).

This essentially functions as a flavored, sweetened pill lubricant. My theory is that you might also be distracted from the discomfort of swallowing a pill (if that does, indeed, bother you) by the terrible flavor or artificial sweetener. I have no trouble taking pills most of the time (if you do not count the simmering resentment that I must do so), but I thought this might prove of some value – to recommend to folks that do have trouble, or to have handy when I have some plague with sinus drainage.

The directions are fairly simple: “Coat with Pill Glide (2-4 sprays). Place tablet or capsule on tongue. Swallow immediately with water.”  This is not supposed to be a substitute for having a drink handy. A lot of us dry swallow when convenient, or when we either have to or go without our meds, I know. I also know that this is not a good thing, as most pills are designed to be taken with fluid. I do not know if this would help with that, but my guess would be that it would. However, if you were stuck with Pill Glide and no drink, I suspect that it would work.

Pill Glide ingredients include the following: purified water, glycerin, sorbitol, xanthan gum, neotame, natural and artificial flavors. Buffered with: sodium citrate and citric acid. Preserved with: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and propylene glycol. Yes, this has caused my spell check to tremble with rage! It is a selling point that the product contains no sugar, no dyes and no drugs in and of itself.

I think that it tastes terrible, but I hate artificial flavors and sweeteners, so I can hardly be fair. Honestly, it does taste far better than some pills I have gotten stuck in my throat, or pills I had to cut and therefore tasted when taking. So you will not catching me just spraying this on my tongue for the taste of it, but if I have to cut pills up, or my throat is already sore, I may very well use Pill Glide to make up the difference.

Surprisingly, I did not feel the edges of the pill as I swallowed, which I usually do. So this throat lube may have actually made it a little easier to do. Now, this was a large ibuprofen, 800 mg. I figured that was the largest I had right now, and probably one of the more commonly used prescriptions and therefore a good landmark. And I could use it right then.

My youngest daughter, 11 years old, said that although she could still take the half pill she takes at night, it was not as bad. The next two days she asked to use it with her nightly half-pill – so I call that a thumbs up. Our 14 year old young lady said she would use it if she felt the need and she does not mind the taste. The D man said that “it tastes like strawberry Jolly Rancher,” but did not notice a difference in the actual act of pill swallowing (only very large pills bug him). Last, but not least (I think he thought he would get out of it!), my G man said that it was indeed slick, with a sickly artificial taste to it, saw no difference (and usually has no difficulty).

Considering the entire house – only one person liked the taste, but we all saw how Pill Glide could be handy if one was having difficulty swallowing pills. So our final verdict is useful, not very tasty, but still better tasting than the tastes it can cover up. So thumbs up for Pill Glide.

Pill Glide’s contact information:
FLAVORx, Inc, MD 21046

Pill Glide’s FAQ is here. I bought mine for $5.99 (I think) at CVS. I bought strawberry, but they also had grape. It is also available at Amazon, in a handful of other flavors (strawberry, orange, peach, and bubblegum). Oh, and their homepage has a “live chat” option if you have any questions, but I cannot vouch for that because I did not use it. It did pop up and beep at me, though, so I assume someone was available if I wanted to chat.

Blog note

Haha! I have broken the “Upcoming” curse. Previously, almost every time I have posted about what I have in the pipe for this blog, I end up not posting for a while. So I was nervous about doing so yesterday. And yes, I did get a car, and I am very happy about that.

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