Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gimpy Come Lately

So this is the part where I apologize for my absence, promise to do better, and then meander a bit before signing off and then keeping the same terrible blogging schedule as before. Well, I am going to do it differently: I have resolved to do better, but no promises to be broken later. I do want to meander a bit about what has been going on lately, so follow me... !

The open carpal tunnel surgery was a success, and while recovery was really difficult at first, it turned out to be less difficult over all compared to my expectations. I do have more to post on what to expect if you or a loved one is going to have it done. It will come from a lived reality and I hope that it will prove of some worth.

Out of some high volume, medium stakes drama I made an unexpected friend that is starting to mean a lot to me. Not every cloud has a silver lining, but this had several and I appreciate them all.

Life at home has been really different lately. There was some high stakes, heart breaking trauma that we are all recovering from in our own ways.  We have a few weeks to wait before I can talk about that.

I have a tablet now, and it makes life both easier and more complicated. It already knows the public wi-fi networks of all my health care locations! If you have some tips on how to use it to make gimpy life, or hell, just life in general, easier, please leave them below!