I have thought long and hard about what it is, exactly, that I want to do with Patient C.
  • I want to give solid advice for navigating the medical world, to lend a hand to folks that are going through what I went through for a few years, and still deal with on occasion
  • I also want to combat the image of a completely medicalized life of someone disabled or chronically ill. Our lives are like most other folks: we have families, we fuck, we engage in all kinds of recreation. We are not saintly examples leading the able-bodied with great examples and inspiration. We are all kinds of people, not just medical case studies.
  • I want to highlight that disability is one of the only minority groups that is completely intersectional. If you are not dead (Klout says I get almost no ghost readers!) then you are subject to illness and disability, from straight, white, middle class, Western, cis-gendered Christian to Asian, trans lady, Buddhist prostitute: anyone can join our little party at any moment. And we do not all even agree on what constitutes disability!
  • I want to help spread news and information about disability, both as an informational service and to help negate that lonely feeling that often accompanies chronic illness and disability.
  • I also want to give news and commentary on the intersection of health with class, race, gender and other social justice issues.
  • Occasionally, I may post something random (interesting, cute, infuriating, etc...) that I ran into and really want to discuss -- you have been warned!
Sometimes, things may get really personal. Health, and the issues surrounding it, can sometimes be intensely personal. I know that some folks may believe that I am giving too much focus to the medicalization of disability and of folks that are disabled, but I want to make that part of being disabled a little easier to navigate.

After a few false starts, I am ready to commit to updating this blog on at least a weekly basis.