Thursday, April 2, 2020

Neglected Blog Gets Quarantine Post

Hallo, there. It sure has been a minute. So, yeah, obvious title is obvious. Actually, here there has been little change between pre-shelter/safety/health/Covid isolation/quarantine/just in case lock down and during it for me and mine. We shop a little further out, order everything we can and try to be mindful. 

On a happy note, congratulations to me for surviving a formal quarantine order. No fancy gown or certificate, so I admit I feel a little cheated. I had to go to my doctor's office for my quarterly Criminal Yet? pain patient visit and sometime during the day a patient that tested positive for Covid-19 was in the same building. (Not that they had any tests for us, the hoi polloi. Their rep said they had none at all but vapor locked when I asked how they could know a C19 patient was there with such a certainty as to change our lives so dramatically.) As of April 2nd I am free & clear to only be as worried miserable as everybody else!

That is right. In my county there were no tests available for a aging, disabled, immunocompromised woman even when suspected of being exposed to something as deadly as this coronavirus.

I have debated the future of this blog so many times I can hardly count them all. There are many more disability blogs out there than ever before and they are written by smarter, sharper, and more insightful people saying most of the things I think about saying here.

I do need to get some shit off of my chest, from Buddhism to the Bore in Chief and I suspect if I keep filling the ears of my Guys, they may go mad - and it just is not fair to corner them during a pandemic faux quarantine.  Windows is nagging me about yet another update, so I will see you in the next entry - or the previous ones if you so desire. Look around, get a feel of the place.

Thanks for stopping by!

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