Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things that Make My Life Easier: Online Rx Refills

“Things that make my life easier” was an idea from Amanda W., and she wrote about it at her home site, Three Rivers Fog. I read about her idea on FWD: Feminists with Disabilities (the site is still there, but is no longer producing new content, which is a shame and I will talk about that soon).

I think that the idea is a really good one, and I would like to lend a hand in helping to keep it alive. So here is my first PatientC: Things that Make My Life Easier!

I use a CVS. Our family has since we moved away from a really great family owned pharmacy. CVS has been convenient for us, and we have been pretty happy with them most of the time. I manage my own ‘scripts along with my husband’s and both our daughters. Unfortunately, that is a fair amount of pills, etc. Recently I have started streamlining our habits and trying to cut out time and effort that is ill-spent (relaxing or goofing off counts as time well spent, unless something else really needs to be done!). So I finally investigated the web site functions offered by CVS.

I could really kick myself for not doing this sooner! They offer prescription refills, transferring prescriptions online, and easy access to your annual Rx records should you need them. I was also able to set up my daughters Rx’s on my account. My husband had to set up an account to give me permission to manage his ‘scripts, but I do appreciate that they do try to keep fraud down.

So setting up the accounts and getting them connected was a bit fidget-filled, but it paid off almost immediately. When I log on to fill a ‘script, it is red if it is eligible to be refilled now, I check the box next to the ones I want, and then click the big red button near the bottom of the page. Depending on your insurance, they may be able to tell you how much it will cost before the next screen. The next screen you can enter when you want to be able to pick it up, just like their automated phone line refills. Once done, you receive a confirmation e-mail, and the stuff has always been ready when we came in to pick it up.

*Note: if you use their customer card for discounts and savings, you can manage it from the same log-on.

*Note: this service is not helpful for refilling prescriptions of controlled substances (painkillers, ADD/ADHD medications, etc…) as you have to deal with the physical prescription, but is otherwise very useful.

The following all have, or as best I can tell, appear to have, online refills available. Some of them also allow you to transfer prescriptions, get e-mail reminders, and whatnot. This is just a quick hit of places that offer similar services based of off a quick mental list and then a scan of their available services. Feel free to add more in the comments section, and I will list them here.

Rite Aid
Tucker Pharmacy (used to be Tucker State Pharmacy) was bought, but is still around, but if it does have a web page, it is not under that name. Upon a Google street view search, they are still there, but are now a Tucker (Walgreen’s). So they have it.
Marwood Low Cost Pharmacy does not appear to have a web page.
Dr. Aziz Pharmacy does not appear to have it.
Marsh does not appear to have it.


  1. I use the mail order pharmacy through my insurance company. At first, I was a little put out that we were forced into it, but it has really been a good thing for our maintenance prescriptions. It works the same as above except I get 90 days worth, they mail them right to the house, and my flexible spending account never makes me jump through hoops to prove the charge was legitimate.

  2. @Lunabug - Great idea! I am familiar with the idea of mail order Rx services, but I have never used them. Thank you for adding that!

  3. Many people now a days go for online prescriptions as it create a relax atmosphere where you can freely tell your doctor about your present state. This will also save their money from paying the physician. Thanks a lot.


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