Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PatientC TWIBIU Project

So I finished my fan video for the TWIBIU Project. Since it talks about a lot of things that are important to me, I thought I would post it, and a transcript of it, here. I hope you enjoy it!

This transcript is the text that I worked from while making the video. I have made the changes I remember making on the video, but every moment may not be a word for word dictation, if that makes sense. I am at the approximate end of my cognitive rope, as it were, until I get some good solid rest and meds - and that will not be for at least a little while. So I want to get this up now, and if there are other changes that need to be made, I will be happy to make them later.

So script, or transcript below! (Or under the break, depending on your viewing pleasure.)

Hallo! I am PatientC – bad cripple, bisexual, geek, PC/Xbox360 gamer, poly mom, wife, and girlfriend in the Midwest. I am a mom, a 2nd Amendment liberal. I am heavily political, full of intersections, and a smart ass.

I believe that a sense of humor is the modern survival skill.

Sometimes I am PatientC, blogger. I have some sort of fibro/lupus mess along with other stuff. I write a blog with a focus on disability, pop culture, whatever grabs interest. If you want to know more about that, feel free to visit me.

I am avoidant, so this putting a video out to the Internet is scary – but stick with me, I promise I will get you there.

I found TWIBIU through a link on some other blog, maybe Racialicious or Shakesville. (Please excuse my 5:00am-gotta-get-fatigue there, I love both places!)

Minion Two and I loved it, and waited every week for a new one. We rapidly became fans of everything we could find with the BBCo label on it: This Week In Blackness, the JTMS Cast cum We Nerd Hard, The (dearly departed) White House, and Blacking It Up.

I started listening to BIU around episode 10 or so, listening regularly by 30. I was only an observer during the Cilantro Wars. Watched and learned from the chat room and I was in there chatting by Bug Butter, episode 61 and had finally entered “I need to hear this discussed on the pod cast,” by Rage and Swagger like PotUS episodes 68 through 71.

My daughters were nick-named the Minions in one of the old after-show Tiny Chat rooms we used to have. They love the show almost as much as I do. I really cherish our shared interests, because as a teen and a just pre-teen – sometimes interests shared by the whole family can be rare. During live evening shows, my laptop often took a spot at the dining table so we could all listen together over dinner.

I call in when I think I have something useful, though it makes me shake and sweat because: avoidant! But the cast has always been cool and the chat room always kind.

The show means a lot to me and my family out here in fly over country. So I donated my Twitter/Facebook statuses. You should too! I donate money when I can, which is not as often as I would have it.

With the help of the awesome Monika, I run the G+ Team Blackness United fan page. There I forward on show information, share efforts that the audience members work on, and show links!

Lately I have been working on getting the links for each show up there for folks that cannot access the chat room for whatever reason: the cannot listen live, or they are cubical bound or the chat room is just too fast moving to catch them, whatever the problem – I will try to help you out!

Now, Team Blackness United, the audience, does some magnificent work like Nerdgasm Noir, Ramblings of an 8bit Animal, Arsenal for Democracy, Are Women Human – see: the audience is very interesting too! I feel bad that there is not time here to list everything we do! I have a list of what we are up to on my blog – if you are part of Team Blackness United and have a thing that you do and love, feel free to let me know and I will add it! If you have one and it needs an update, just let me know!

I help on a regional fan group, along with other awesome TWIBIU MIDWEST fans. We recently had a brunch that was awesome and I cannot wait to do it again. Here is a picture of us relaxing in my home. I could never heap enough praise upon the fans of this awesome show!

TWIBIU MIDWEST folks, ready to Bruuuuunch!

So come for the show, hang out in the chat room – we are nice to new folk! And after the show, check out all the awesome stuff that we do. I am lucky to be able to say we and be a tiny part of that amazing group!

So stay froggy in the hot streets. Or stay hot in the froggy streets! And mind your butter. Pop your lip gloss! Donate so Aaron can have a long ass cord! Dominion!!!

As always, shout out to the tremendously cool chat room!


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