These are the efforts of folks that are fans of TWiBIU, (This Week in Blackness) Blacking It Up, on http://TWiB.FM. I asked for fans to mention any project they had going, and I said I would put together a page where these could all be found in one place.

Here, in no particular order, are the fans of #TWiBIU, otherwise known as #TeamBlackness. Go forth, and observe the awesome:

Coqui - The Rainbow Tribe: A Cross Cultural Forum

Jacinta - It Has To Get Better

Zerlina - Zerlina Maxwell on Loop21

Bassey - The Siwe Project

Bill - Arsenal for Democracy

Grace - Are Woman Human?

Luvvie - The Red Pump Project

Mikhail - Between the Lines

Martin Leggett - Nerdy Little Secret

Aislinn: Underground Philosophy

De Ana - Nerdy Girl Swag

DanielleJ - Wordyless

JP Fairfield - Shiny Things Goes Here, Nerdgasm Noir Network

S. Joseph - Angry Black Woman Watch

Kahlief - The Spawn Point BlogSpawnPntSpawn Point (Facebook)

Monika - Twitter, Now In Session with Monika and Bruce, Mocha Autism Network, Great Brooks for our Kids

VulgarWoman - WTF White PrivilegeFemininesmarkSelf Sexy TimeThings Rednecks Do

Shareef - HomeTwitterOperation CubicleTwitterG+

8bit - Twitter The Digitized Ramblings Of An 8-Bit Animal , I'm Bigger Than You 

BrotherJR76 - TwitterFacebookYouTubeSocial, Political, and Sports Blog, The Pound-4-Pound Ringside Boxing Report

Jennella - Jennella Young Arts and Photography

Kale James - Divine Inspirations

Maxine - @CityAthena, @SideHustleStories,  SideHustleStories (Tumblr) Photography (Flikr)

Liz - Hyperlocavore 

Denzel - Black Chivalrous Nerd 

Hope you have enjoyed the amazing people that are #TeamBlackness. If you have an effort you want listed here, please let me know.

Your humble servant,


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Feb/01/2012 11:09pm - Added DanielleJ and web page.
March/9/2012 4:30pm - Added BrotherJR's blog and Spreecast.
March/11/2012 1:00pm - Added Kale James, Divine Inspirations. 
July/11/2012 11:00pm - Added Maxine, Side Hustle Stories and Liz, Hyperlocavore
July/19/2012 5:00pm - Added Photography for Maxine
Jan/2/2013 10:00am - Added Denzel