These are the efforts of folks that are fans of TWiBIU, (This Week in Blackness) Blacking It Up, on http://TWiB.FM. I asked for fans to mention any project they had going, and I said I would put together a page where these could all be found in one place.

Here, in no particular order, are the fans of #TWiBIU, otherwise known as #TeamBlackness. Go forth, and observe the awesome:

Coqui - The Rainbow Tribe: A Cross Cultural Forum

Jacinta - It Has To Get Better

Zerlina - Zerlina Maxwell on Loop21

Bassey - The Siwe Project

Bill - Arsenal for Democracy

Grace - Are Woman Human?

Luvvie - The Red Pump Project

Mikhail - Between the Lines

Martin Leggett - Nerdy Little Secret

Aislinn: Underground Philosophy

De Ana - Nerdy Girl Swag

DanielleJ - Wordyless

JP Fairfield - Shiny Things Goes Here, Nerdgasm Noir Network

S. Joseph - Angry Black Woman Watch

Kahlief - The Spawn Point BlogSpawnPntSpawn Point (Facebook)

Monika - Twitter, Now In Session with Monika and Bruce, Mocha Autism Network, Great Brooks for our Kids

VulgarWoman - WTF White PrivilegeFemininesmarkSelf Sexy TimeThings Rednecks Do

Shareef - HomeTwitterOperation CubicleTwitterG+

8bit - Twitter The Digitized Ramblings Of An 8-Bit Animal , I'm Bigger Than You 

BrotherJR76 - TwitterFacebookYouTubeSocial, Political, and Sports Blog, The Pound-4-Pound Ringside Boxing Report

Jennella - Jennella Young Arts and Photography

Kale James - Divine Inspirations

Maxine - @CityAthena, @SideHustleStories,  SideHustleStories (Tumblr) Photography (Flikr)

Liz - Hyperlocavore 

Denzel - Black Chivalrous Nerd 

Hope you have enjoyed the amazing people that are #TeamBlackness. If you have an effort you want listed here, please let me know.

Your humble servant,


Jan/17/2012, 7:00pm - Changed destination for Arsenal for Democracy.
Jan/17/2012, 9:00pm - Added links for Monika, edited links for 8bit,  rearranged multiple link entries.
Jan/20/2012, 7:45pm - Per request, broke Shareef link, added new home link.
Jan/27/2012 11:00am - Added Nerdgasm Noir to JP, tweaked I'm Bigger...
Feb/01/2012 11:09pm - Added DanielleJ and web page.
March/9/2012 4:30pm - Added BrotherJR's blog and Spreecast.
March/11/2012 1:00pm - Added Kale James, Divine Inspirations. 
July/11/2012 11:00pm - Added Maxine, Side Hustle Stories and Liz, Hyperlocavore
July/19/2012 5:00pm - Added Photography for Maxine
Jan/2/2013 10:00am - Added Denzel


  1. Replies
    1. My apologies, Bill - I had both and I am not sure how I ended up using the wrong one.

  2. If you don't mind PatientC, could you also add in my blog page, "BrotherJR's Social, Political, and Sports Blog" ( as well as my boxing show on spreecast, "The Pound-4-Pound Ringside Boxing Report" (

  3. I'm a regular listener but can't usually join the chat room (I listen while I garden) - I have a site called - where we set people up with gardeners or land... basically it's organized around yardsharing... but we also do neighborhood produce exchanges, tool and seed sharing....Our aim is to help more people grow food closer to home whether they have access to land or need help to grow more.

  4. Liz - sorry for the delay, I am getting your stuff up right now.

  5. Hey PatientC don't forget about my website


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