Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gimpy Gamer: What's New?

So I almost did not post today, because I have some sweet, sweet gaming love to start. Then I thought, what the hell, I will write a post about that!

So, there was a shipping error, and Mass Effect 3 did not arrive until today. Which is okay, I have been pretty damn sick (again, overlapping the old sick, what a joy!) so I probably lost very little good gaming time. And right now I am letting the family watch news, because the Xbox with Kincet is in the living room. 

I have loved Star Wars: The Old Republic so far. I have played several different characters through their starter zones and it is almost everything I want it to be. The only lesson they did not seem to learn from WoW is that whole not making the player deal with a bunch of different currencies. Sigh.

Minecraft seems to have been plugging ahead while I was not looking. So that will get some attention from me. Sometime soon. Maybe. Looks like we can breed kittens now or something? That looks hot. Maybe I can do this when the Menfolk want a shot at the Xbox.

There is just so much going on! I have a gaming glut, and I think I like it. I am sitting up today (progress), so I should be able to spend an hour or three on the couch after Daily Show/Colbert Report. FEMSHEP, here I come!


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