Friday, March 2, 2012

Brain Fog and Me

I have been wrestling with brain fog lately. Lupus/SLE and Fibro can both cause it. Brain fog is a state of depressed cognitive function. Focus is greatly reduced. Brain functions involving numbers suffer from increased difficulty, even something as simple as figuring a tip. Emotional consistency is a struggle.

For me, it means being much more easily confused, I lose numbers entirely (from doing even simple math to remember things like ZIP Codes), multitasking is right out of the question, my ability to juggle emotional stressors is greatly reduced. Please remember, brain fog is not an illness of it's own, it is "merely" an added problem, usually springing up during sickness or flairs, but once in a while it will strike all by itself. 

Brain fog makes focusing difficult, so I have been flitting around while I write this, knowing that I want it done yet unable to really sit down with it and work consistently.

I have a good example. I have been reading How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston. It is a great book, and I will review it here. But brain fog keeps getting in the way. Sometimes I look at the text and it just swims. Sometimes it looks fine but the words do not translate into ideas as I read them. Every once in a while, when the fog clears, I can read sections and write down what I think of them - I have several of those, but no where near enough to write an actual review. I feel awful because my review is late already, but brain fog will not negotiate. The book deserves better than me, to be sure. Note: I was given a copy to help spread the word - and you should know that. But that actually predisposes me to be harder on a book or product rather than easier! And yet, HTBB is still awesome. 

I will write more later, probably have a post out tomorrow. My current goal is two posts a week, and I am more or less doing just that.

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