Monday, January 16, 2012


Hallo! It has been quiet some time, no? Well, the silence coming from my little corner of the Web is done. This is my official relaunch of my blog! While my silence has been due, in part, to laziness; I have also been writing a lot, and thinking even more.

What do I want PatientC to be? I want it to be a tool for making the world a better place - even if it is just a tiny bit, a teaspoon at a time. I want to talk about what is on my mind freely, without fear. I have spent no small amount of time looking at the history of social justice bloggers that have been bullied out of the Internet and talking with my family about the possibility of that sort of thing coming to our door.

I have decided that I will post about whatever is on my mind. So not every post is going to be about disability or related things or maybe even social justice. 

  • I may talk about gaming, especially video games. 
  • Hell, I have a stack of energy drink reviews - I could justify those as being a defense mechanism against both my internal fatigue and the fatigue produced by a couple of my medications. But I also simply like them, and like trying new ones. 
  • When my hands can manage it, I knit, so that may come up. This is an election year, so you can bet that I am going to talk about that. 
  • I may post consolidations of the days action items for you to participate in or not as you choose. 
  • Other social justice stuff will definitely come up. So you can expect posts on sexism, sexual orientation, race, class/poverty...
  • I am studying Buddhism, so expect that to be a subject that comes up with some regularity.

The truth of the matter is that I am a human being, along with being a woman, being disabled, being bisexual, dealing with poverty* issues, or any number of things. So a lot of things come up in my life and in my addled brain, and I may share any of them with you at any time.

If you see a story, issue, or item of some sort, and you think I might be able to write about it in a worthwhile way, let me know.

I will be expanding my efforts to include more regular writing, some videos, and expanding my concept of what I can do and share with you.

*I am a poor person lucky enough to live as a middle class person. It is complicated.


  1. As a fellow blogger wanting to re-new my commitment to writing in 2012 I applaud what I hear as your desire to JUST GO FOR IT!

    Better to spread our wings, write, dream, and have fun with it than to live a life of caution, yes?


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