Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things That Make My Life Easier: Gold Violin

So, I stumbled across the web site Gold Violin recently. Once I got past the fact that most of the pictures for their living aid devices involve old white people, I found a lot of useful stuff.

As with all reviews, unless otherwise stated I bought the items in review myself. As a guard against being unduly biases – I will always let you know if I receive an item at a discount or free to review!

Agenda Pill Box – This is on sale for $8 from $40 – I think part of that is that the calendar inside is old. That did not bother me, I do not need another calendar, and I bought a small flat notebook to slide into that section in case I do need to write something down while I am taking my pills and do not have anything else near by. Here is the description from their site:” Closed, it looks like a handsome appointment book.  Opened, it's both your calendar and 7-day pill organizer.  Each daily compartment holds up to 4 doses, keeps your medication secure and slides open easily when it's time to take your pills. 8 x 5 1/2 x 1 1/2.”

I really like this pill carrier. Now I only have to organize my pill dosages once a week instead of every day. I can remember to add the over the counter stuff I need to take daily with ease. The daily containers have four slots, and my only gripe is that in order to make sure the top does not slide off – the opening is restricted to three compartments on one side, and one on the other. This means that I have to open, close and open each one in the process of filling them. Okay, and I wish I could have gotten it in black.

My Meds Ledger: “My Meds Ledger keeps prescription information organized and at hand in case of an emergency, with room for up to 12 medicines. Both fold to the size of a credit card. Magnetic closure. 3¼”Wx2¼”H.” They also make a Login Lockers, with the same format – for keeping track of web sites with log-ins and passwords. Normally $5, as of my writing it is $4 on sale.

I like this item, but care should be taken when storing magnets in your wallet or purse. As with all small record keeping items it may be tough to record your information legibly, but that goes with the territory.

Up next are the Walking Stick Accessories - Corded Wrist Strap.I bought two of these, gold for my clear Lucite cane and black for my black fold up cane. These are also available in red. They are damn useful for when you need your cane hand for getting into your wallet or whatever. I wish they were just a tad longer, though, for when you need to slide it a little further up your wrist, or get it off your wrist faster. After a while, the elastic wrap around the cord stretches out a bit, but for now, mine is still okay. About $7.

I bought two types of sunscreen:  Sun Protection in Spray-on and Insect-Repelling Styles. “Waterproof Topcoat covers the areas most exposed and most often ignore - your scalp. Non-greasy, protein-rich formula is SPF 20+. Sunscreen with Insect Repellent Lotion combines SPF 25 with all natural insect repellent. Safe and effective, it’s enriched with soothing aloe and Vitamin E. Both formulas withstand salt water, swimming pools and sweat up to 80 minutes.” Regular price was $10.00, as of writing these are now sold for $5.99.

I bought both of these, and am very pleased with them. They do not wear or sweat off quickly. Now, you hair looks a little greasy where you use the scalp spray – but that is a hell of a lot better than the painful red peeling you would get with a bare scalp. The bug repellant is effective and the scent is not as people-repellant as most insect sprays/wipes can be. It also seemed to be well-tolerated by my DEET allergic friend.

For my husband, I bought Foot Crème: Heel Rescue. “Thick, luxurious cream penetrates, moisturizes and repairs dry, cracked skin, leaving your heels feeling soft, smooth and revitalized. Contains CoEnzyme Q10 that boosts the body’s natural ability to renew itself. Non-greasy formula. 16 oz. jar with pump dispenser.” The regular price is $9.95; the sale price is $5.99.

I bought the Heel Rescue for my husband, and he appears to be very happy with it. He suffers from bad feet, and has for years – but they seem to be getting better now: more smooth, less calloused, more appealing. I have used it on occasion, it seems to do a decent job.

Delivery was quick, e-mails kept me on top of the status of my orders with little effort on my part. One negative thing is that the web site is not always user friendly. A solid example is this: the site allows you to build a wish list, but finding it later is not intuitive. In general, my experience with Gold Violin has been very positive. I have placed other orders since my first one and remain well pleased.

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