Monday, November 12, 2018


Well, hello there, stranger! Here we are again, me thinking I may be able to hold a thought long enough to write about it and you here to read it. Heavens help you.

Adorable black "pit bull" gazes longingly over a cushion over the back of a couch.

This election cycle I signed up to help local Democrats, and they seemed to be okay with my position of being a liberal that settles for Democrats, especially in Indiana. 

I saw Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer and it was amazing.

While many things have changed, many have not. 

I had spinal shots again, they do not last as long as we hoped. But they do help, so we will keep at it as long as that is true. I still do my PT exercises when my SI joint dysfunction acts up and that still works, but again, not as well as it used to work.

The Minions flew the coup but the Menfolk remain.  I have some things to get off my copious chest there.

I am learning to draw! For real! I can put marks on paper that resemble objects to other folks. 

My Nissi is big and healthy and willful. I am so happy with her and so proud of her. Look forward to lots of photos!

I have a computer to get used to, so many mistakes will be made. We can hit those things as they arise.

The current PotUS is the worst in my meager lifetime. There is much to say there.

I have found a lot of shortcuts to share that make it easier to live this life. I will share those: from talking about disability to friends and family to nail polish tricks.

I have some older post drafts that are, unfortunately, still relevant.

No promises, but I intend to be back for good. Now I will get to writing and hopefully produce something I can share with you on the regular.

Little chi-wow-wow mix starts to wake up in his round leopard print bed.

One of the dogs broke my face today. Not the big one, but the little one right above this paragraph. Some one was at the door so I leaned forward to get up off the couch just as he was launching himself from the end it and we collided in a manner most unpleasant. I grabbed my chin and put it back before I finished realizing that he may have actually dislocated my jaw. While there is swelling, I can talk and eat. Casual contact with healthcare providers advised that I take analgesics, ice and rest. I am doing just that, but if it is still swollen or the pain has not subsidized I will bug my doc about it tomorrow.

So start watching this space again, Dear Reader.  I am going to start writing for me but sharing it with you - which will be quite different than before where I was trying to write for you without knowing who you might be or what you might think. 

At least you  know you will see sex talk and cute dog pictures! 

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