Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things that Make My Life Easier, Part Five

Here is a short list of pro-gimp stuff that has helped me out lately. All of it purchased by me, as I have promised I will always tell you if I have a stake in a thing I recommend. Sometimes I do this with single items, but here I am starting to gather small items of interest too. I know I am asking for trouble by labeling this with a number, but I am feeling optimistic!

Shop Tibet: this is an amazing store in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis. They do not have a web page as far as I can tell. This is a shame because they are a great store, with tons of stuff made by Tibetans, supporting Free Tibet efforts. There are plenty of things to find there, including a small but solid selection of books, prayer shawls (I love mine!), dharma items, jewelry... wonderful stuff all in one spot. And I did not punch the fellow patron that asked, "Does Tibet have winter?" but I did offer my sympathy to the lady that fielded the question.

Genie Bras: all the support of a sports bra, with the ability to wear it like a regular bra. No wires. I am not a big believer in "As Seen on TV" although the products fascinate me for some reason. This one is a solid, practical, and comfortable. Note: you do have to put them on over the head, so beware if that is a difficulty for you. The Minions and I got ours at CVS for about $20 for a pack of two, one black and one ecru-ish. They are great no nonsense bras. Note for wearing: they do not really offer much of a cleavage/decolletage view so think about your wishes in that department before you take it out of the drawer. 

Dream Water: this is a sleep aid in the form of a zero calorie drinking shot. They make a lot of claims, but all I know is that it worked. It was not as hard hitting as a prescription sleep aid, and I woke up feeling rested and alert. I did not remember my dreams any better, but maybe that comes with time or is a pipe dream itself. Make sure you have time for a good sleep, 7-8 hours, if you want to use it.

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