Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Racist Billboads Are Coming for You | RH Reality Check

This is amazingly terrible. The Racist Billboads Are Coming for You | RH Reality Check. The end goal is obviously no abortions for anyone. First they slandered the wombs of African American women, now Latinas; so I expect you will see uteri of other ethnic origins slandered, and then maybe next wombs with small or no checking accounts, agnostic and atheist and well, any non-Christian uteri. This is not about protecting life, this is about dictating life. I refuse to call folks like this anything other than forced birth advocates. That is what they do, through terrible or no sex ed, no access to cheap or free contraceptives, no emergency contraceptives, and no abortions. They want every woman to be forced to pay for her "sin," I believe.

Blog note: this is my first time using a "Share This on Blogger" button, so I am not sure how it will turn out. I may need to go back and edit it. On the up side, I have about four articles going at once, so I feel pretty pumped. The down side is that they are all seperately pulling at my meager attention and none of them are finished yet.

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