Thursday, September 2, 2010

Watch This Space!

Heya! This is just an update post to let you know I have been back in town for a couple of days, and things are okay. I am still really fatigued, but I expected and planned for that, no worries there.

Here is a taste of the next several upcoming posts:

  • I Have Politics, Get to Know Them (Me),
  • The SmartAss Guide to Puking for Pros,
  • An Awkward Moments post, and
  • The SmartAss Guide to Wheelchair Etiquette (in which I am decidedly not a good cripple!).
And since you have been nice enough to come here and read a maintenance post, I will treat you to even more of my crip-brilliant ideas:

  • Thoughts on House, MD and responsible portrayal of opiate use,
  • Hospital Visits, and why people should damn-well go,
  • Advanced Directives,
  • More Awkward Moments,
  • Disability and Sexuality,
  • Caregiver Stress and ideas of what to do about it,
  • My story (yeah, this one may take a while),
  • Emergency Bag -- why you should have one, what should be in it, and
  • The Office Visit and the Social Contract (and why you should break it!)

So, there's a little peak into my brain and my notes. Thanks for stopping by, and watch this space!

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