Monday, July 26, 2010

Queer Crips

Get to know a queer crip

Via a tweet by sesmithwrites retweeting mediadisdat. Sorry, I could not find a way to get a url for an individual tweet (I have seen it done and I will figure it out!).

The intersection of LGBTQIA (did I get that right -- it keeps changing to be more inclusive, but I fear I will botch it) and disability hits so very close to home, and it makes me feel good to see folks writing about it.

Often, it seems that while a marginalized group seeks equal rights and access, sometimes other marginalized groups within that group get set aside. Keep in mind, I speak simply of my experience and do not mean to paint all such groups with the same brush.

Note: while I would not call someone either queer or crip, I support a person's choice to self-identify that way.


  1. Pardon me, what does the acronym mean, for those of us less informed?

  2. LGBTQIA? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Intersex, Asexual.

  3. What does "Queer" mean in this context? Isn't that a generic label used for LGB peoples?

  4. Yep, but it can also refer to being genderqueer, falling outside a binary gender expression.

  5. You can get the link to an individual tweet by clicking on the grey bit where it says when it was posted :) (less than a minute ago, etc.)

    And Kevin, there are people (like me!) who identify as queer rather than bisexual, because bi = two and there are more than two genders.

  6. @shiyiya Thanks!

    Kevin and I are local to each other, and there are a lot of folks here, both queer and not, that use queer kind of as an umbrella term meaning "not heterosexual," some in a benevolent way and some not... (Although, to be sure, Kevin's cool.)


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