Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is No Family Cookbook

Yes, I say that with confidence. You see, at the household here, schedules have shifted around, and the only person with the time (?!?) to cook is me. If you know me, you know that I rarely, rarely cook. I make a decent pot of chili, but that is about it. So lately I have been browsing cook books, internet recipe cites, and the cooking brains of friends and family.

There is no family cookbook. At least, there is not a cookbook that adequately addresses cooking around a family. I know this, because a real family cookbook would say things like the following:

"...you must stir the pot constantly for the next five minutes. Sh when Timmy has his daily meltdown, tell him he will have to wait. If it happens on a schedule, try to plan around it..."

"...Here is a good place to stop if Betty skins her knee. Again. Everything can wait - just fridge the sauce if you take more than thirty minutes. Maybe you should get her tested..."

"put the beater in the bowl and now would be a good time to hold Chad. The standing mixer just needs to be watched for six to eight minutes and you know how the vibration and a verse of "Summertime" settles the child quite a bit. Are you sure that is not colic..."

See, now that would be a family cookbook!